My son's Prison Break

Another one from my son (11). He loved extending this one, and came up with some fun options.

WebGL for browser compatibility.


Hey there! Great to see that your son is having fun! I finished it, and here’s my proof:

Although the first section is largely the same from the tutorial, it’s nice to see that he had some fun (You can pick up a rat xD). I also found it quite nice that he listed the location of where you were on the top of the screen. Also, the introduction of Crafting to blow up a fence was nice.


  • Great creativity when designing the puzzles / ways to die
  • He’s 11 for gosh sake. When I was 11 (4 years ago), I was playing Minecraft all day. Nice to see that he’s learning on his own!
  • Seeing where you are in the game world is a nice touch


  • The beginning was too much like the tutorial. It would be nice if he could possibly revamp that section?

9/10. Your kid did great. :slight_smile:

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