My Shoot Hoop Game

Here is my WebGL version of Shoot Hoop

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Wow, that looks awesome! Where did you get the assets?

Everything pretty much via Google… I think I borrowed a brick image asset that I made for the Brick Breaker game in the Complete Unity course to create the top caps on the walls. The images for the walls, the floor, the two canvases and the overlay basketball lines are all via the net. I made copies of each of the images for the walls, floor and wall caps and had Unity create normal maps from the second image to get some relief in the images. So, the Albedo and Normal material channels are the same image. Used the outline of the basketball court to resize all the assets, more-or-less, to-scale based on the dimensions of a real-world court.

Have fun playing the game!! Thanks for the feedback @sampattuzzi

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It’s great. I love it.

Hey VR troopers, here’s a WebGL build of my ShootHoop game! Seeing as it’s the Halloween’ing season, and since we all know everything is better with zombies, I put a bit of a spooky spin on the game:

Post-apocalyptic Shoot Hoop on Gamebucket

I replaced the baskets with steel barrels, and threw in some zombies for good measure. I’m particularly pleased with the barrel physics: the barrels can detect collisions both inside and out, and they have rigidbodies, something which isn’t exactly straightforward. Unity5 doesn’t allow non-convex colliders to have rigidbodies (or so the error said), so I came up with a work-around. Next step: build this to GearVR!

Brick, pavement, barrel, fence textures from (public domain assets)
Zombie is a free asset from the Asset Store

Happy Halloween!


F**k me that’s cool!

You should really stick that up on I think the wider community of gamers would really love that. And do share as a separate post in the lounge here so other courses will see what you’ve done.

Thanks @sampattuzzi, will do!

Very Nice!

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