My ship is move out of camara view

If I turn off gravity , my ship moves upward, or if I turn on gravity, it moves downward. So, I need help setting my Rigidbody values, so i currently using kinimatic for this problem is any other solution for it

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If you disable the spaceship, it is not supposed to automatically move in the local space.

  1. Check the Inspector of your spaceship (PlayerShip) while your game is running. Do its position values change? If they don’t, it’s not the spaceship that’s moving.
  2. Check the children of the spaceship.
  3. Check the camera.

None of these game objects are supposed to move in the local space. The only exception is the PlayerShip if you move it with your keyboard. If one of them moves anyway, that’s very likely the root of the problem.

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thanks for support i solve the problem

Good job! :slight_smile:

What was the problem and how did you fix it?

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