My section one render

the well is a lovely idea, but sadly i’ve already created one. instead i’ve chosen to create someone’s backyard. whether or not this is actually someone’s backyard i do not know, but it’s what i’ve made.

the challenge of using only primitives was fun. there were many times i wanted to jump into edit mode to make the objects exactly how i wanted them, but i resisted. in the end i did achieve a satisfactory result with the manipulation of textures, lighting, and few modifiers. it’s far from perfect but i was able to hone in on some areas that will need further investigation such as eevee’s lighting system. it’s much different from how i would light a scene in cycles. i find the difference in filmic color management fascinating and am excited by the options for bloom and volumetrics.


I love this!

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A fine back yard, mostly from simple shapes.

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@Kevin-Brandon i’m glad :grin:

@NP5 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it still amazes me how everyday things are as simple as cubes, cylinders, and cones.

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