My room after learning some material features including WorldAlignedTexture

So I was working with having steel looking walls because it went well with my theme. But my first issue was I could see seams/ I was able to fix this by building in Production to see better results. but it still did not look right. Even after scaling instances you could see where the pattern didn’t line up. it looked as if new walls didn’t cascade properly to line up with the wall next to it (maybe cause of the material). I then discovered WorldAlignedTexture. I tried to modify a copy of the steel material but it was too complicated to get the desired results. So I built one from scratch using the granite texture and played with settings. Using the WorldAlignedTexture I could drag or scale a wall anywhere and the texture would lock on to the world and always stay consistent and would tile perfectly among pieces. This got rid of the need of using UV since scling no longer changed the size of the material.
I have a pic with and without the roof so you can see how well the wall looks with no noticeable creases or other eyesores I encountered. I also included a map of the material just to show how I did it (I do not know much of how to do it at all and have much more learning ahead).

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I was just looking for this sort of thing, wondering if it was possible!

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