My queen

My reference is a bit different from the course. The spikes is much smaller ans it’s flat between them so I couldn’t use the same way as Michael did.

I did a subdevide on all the faces, did a loopselect on the middle line and desolved that. Giving me one edge between my previous edges. That I extruded, scaled to 0 then change so I was scaling pushing them out and then moved them down a bit.

Afterwards I thought that I maybe shouldn’t have scaled them to 0, so I would instead of a vertex on the top instead get an edge. But I’m not sure it would change al that much


Looks fine, though I am not sure the thinness of the crown and especially the points will look right rendered. Mind you metal might be that thin, so you could make the crowns gold coloured.

Yeah, that is what I thought too.

So if I where to add it back, how could I go about and do that?

I’m not at home now so can’t test. Could l extrude the verticie to get an edge and then fill in the faces?

It depends on the topology you have. It may be as simple as selecting the inner edge loop of the crown (that the points come up from) and scaling it a little inwards, smaller, adding thickness. If the points have been reduced to one vert, delete it and select the base four verts and extrude up a new one. Not reducing the thickness this time. Just side to side to make a point retaining its thickness.

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Aah yes, thank you so much, wouldn’t have thought about those ways.

Will have to try it out when I get home tomorrow

I went back and redid the points. I ended up doing as @NP5 suggested and removed the reduced verticies filled it back in and extruded, and scaled them again


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