My Pyramid

Here is my Pyramid, This is really fun to make so far, but I have to say I am becoming very over whelmed with how many shortcuts there is to remember, If anyone has a secret they use to remember everything your help would be much appreciated. We’re only 12% in to the course and it’s so comprehensive, HELP!!! LOL

Hi Derek_O_Reilly

By googling “Blender shortcuts” I was able to find and print a couple good spreadsheet style lists of all of the blender shortcuts. The one I use was created by a youtuber called Blender Guru. I keep a copy out with me while I’m working in Blender or watching our Udemy videos for the course. Blender Guru’s version is neatly categorized, showing specific shortcuts for general topics like modeling, editing, etc. I’m also keeping a composition notebook of notes from the course by following the Udemy powerpoint slides and summarizing main points per each video. Hope this helps and good luck with everything.

That is valuable information idkbluish, Thank you so much for that, I only heard of him the other day, I will have to look him up. I think you are right about about keeping a note book, It was silly of me not to think of this, Thanks so much. :grinning:

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