My pyramid at night

Pretty happy how it comes out. I couldn’t imagine I would make something like this a week ago!
I’d like to improve the materials and lights. I saw a nice Idea here on forum of some torches beside the stairs, that might good look, but unfortunately didn’t have a time to do. Also I don’t know what are the weird dot artifacts at the bottom and light from the doorway is “dotted” as well. Anyone know how to make it more smooth? I’ve used cycles renderer.


I was able to fix the dotted artifacts. I’ve selected “denoising” in render properties (not that I know what I’m doing :)) )



Great effort to solve this problem by yourself. It is noise generated by Cycles, due to lighting conditions (low intensity) and low Cycle samples. Also called fireflies because of the white dots.
But increasing samples 128, 256, 1024, 2048 and more, will generate a better image. Lowering noise and sharper details. It increases also render time hugely.
To overcome render times and get the speed of game engines. The Blender team introduced Eevee.
But there are huge differences between those two. you will learn.


Welcome to this site.
Good work on the pyramid.
Great job on solving a common question of new posters here! More samples and or denoising.

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