My prototype - ahoy matey

This is my prototype of the game I am still working on this but its starting to take shape now. there are two files in the build folder if anyone would like to test this across multiple computers.

setup: start just one to play about there is an A.I. ship that goes from point to point around the map you can hunt him down and kill him he will re-spawn to hunt again, he doesn’t shoot back yet. or to start multiple select one as the host and the other LAN client either localhost or your other computers I.P. address.

Controls: arrow keys move the ship and the right CRTL shoots the cannon from the left side when you hold the fire button down you should see an arrow charge up this is the power that is applied to the cannon ball the client that connects to the host does have a problem where if you hold the button it auto fires and it can’t be stopped the host doesn’t have this problem.

the mouse controls: the left mouse button fires the cannon as well but hold the right mouse button and drag left or right you can rotate the camera around the ship just in case you need to know where your enemy is while you go for another pass.

currently the health bar above the ship only works on the host and it doesn’t send over the network this is on my list of jobs to complete. re-spawning at the moment just set the health back to full there are spawn points which you will notice when you start a new game but when the player dies the health just replenishes.

let me know what you think.!Ar5gPpnEaX2ipphZWWfbaem2VHryig

here is a more updated version of this game it now has matchmaking imported from unity i’m unsure on how this will work publicly would love some feedback.

here is the link!Ar5gPpnEaX2ipphZWWfbaem2VHryig

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