My Project - Play::Life


Working on a Life Simulator project using the Godot Engine. Working through the Finish It! course to help me get organised, and keep me motivated.

Currently have a player in a house with some essential objects used to fulfil their needs. Just a debug GUI for now, and the graphics aren’t final (may make it 3D at some point).

How does it look so far?

I also have an album on FB where I keep each of the screenshots, showing how the project has progressed since the start:


Just got to the “Analysis Paralysis” video, and I’ve already hinted at my future decision in my OP.

I need to decide whether to keep the game in 2D, or to move it over to 3D.

To make this decision, I will create two small prototypes with similar functionality: one in 2D, one in 3D. Then, ask for feedback from community members, and choose based on feedback (plus personal; preference / difficulty in completing)


It’ll probably be 3D, once I get more familiar with Godot (waiting for the course atm)


Looking really good, matey :slight_smile:

I’m gonna do that “Finish It” course as soon as the coupon comes through from the Kickstarter, I reckon I REALLY need to do it! I lose focus or get distracted far too easily, lol

I like that you have started this game design in 2D. It looks pretty nice. 3D would be damn good too. I reckon I will create 3D isometric view arcade games with Godot. Right now I am just making simple 2D arcade games, just to get to grips with Godot.

Good luck and have fun creating, I know I am :smiley:



I started this version of the project in 2D, after having a couple of tries at making it in 3D before, and spending way too much time on the graphics, without having even the basic functionality :rofl:

The Finish It! course is certainly handy, although kinda wishy-washy at parts.


Looking great so far with the 2d possabilities. Given the conundrum you have to keep it 2d or go 3d. I figured one aspect could be to keep it 2d and get most of the mechanics etc. you can use it as a way to get a playerbase and then monitize the 3d version ie. players have to buy it?


Interesting idea there, but that could mean having to support both a 2D and 3D version, rather than choosing one or the other. If I didn’t support both, the free/2D version would fall behind and not really be representative of the paid/3D version.

I will continue with 2D while I sort out the core mechanics and finish prototyping. Once I’m rteady to start on the full product, I’ll decide then whether to stick with 2D, or, more likely, to go for full 3D (everything but the walls are rendered out from 3D models anyway, and I have walls from a previous 3D attempt)


I didn’t think about the support perspective. Sounds like you have a good solid balanced approach :slight_smile: