My project files


I recently switched to a new user on windows, and i put all my projects on an ssd… i opened up unreal and browsed for my project and opened it up, and then my textures did not show up. So in the file explorer i went to my projects folder and then checked if my textures are there, and they are there. (Before i switched users everything was working fine my textures were there and my code was there too) For some reason unreal is not recognising it and not applying it to the models. Then after asking in the gamedev tv discord server and two mates trying to fix it they could not…

And when i opened up visual studio, all the code vanished (except for the default ones)…

Is there any way to get all that back??

Help Is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I think I just replied to you on Udemy?

Yeah you did

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