My prefabs in unity does not show expansion arrow

I have created the Prefab Path(0) and 3 waypoints under it as described in the video. but when I click Prefab folder named “Paths” and look at the Path(0) prefab there is no expansion arrow to look at the children items.

Please guide as I am new to unity software. Is there any settings which I have messed up.

I tried to look for it in unity forums but no luck.

Hi @Adit_Goyal,

Which version of Unity do you use? If it’s Unity 2018.3, bear in mind that the prefab system is different from 2018.2 now.

What are you trying to achieve?

Hi @Nina,

Yes it is 2018.3.0f2. I have 3 way points under my Path(0) game Object, therefore i had to put it as a list in my enemy game object which it can follow during the game. The instructor clicked the arrow beside the Path(0) prefab to reveal all three way points under it to select all three and drag and drop on the list.

I could not select the way point and I had to manually put it in the list. I thought I broke something in my software and was unable to find the solution.

If it is something to do with unity version then I am good.

Thanks for replying.

Hi Adit,

There should be an insert video from Rick into the course explaining the new prefabs and a workaround for them in the course.
You could alternatively use a previous version of unity as a solution.

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