My post apo prototype

Hello everyone.
After many years I started the RPG Core Combat Creator course.
After having made the 8 first chapters following the teachers and their own design, I transposed all the knowledge in my own prototype.
A post apocalyptic environment as describe in my other post.
Everything looks working. the movements, the fights.
I’ve replace all animations and meshes with mine.
I need to test the portal and I 'll follow the course.
Have a nice day.


Looks great!

lol I’m actually digging the environment… nice work man :slight_smile:

Thank you my friend :slight_smile:
Brian? you haven’t check you mail box in the forum since a long time ?
Haven’t see my message ? :stuck_out_tongue:
In the futur I plane to be able to zoom and rotate the camera because I’ve build nice and detailled character with HDRP textures.
It can be change later without too much problem I hope or I must change the camera behavior now?

And I’ve some background mountains to fill the scene :

The scene :

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Very nice!


I’ve rebuild a little bit the area exit.
I made a canyon to guide the player and test a different camera position to give player a “biggest” experience.
I find the player a little bit to small.
I 'll surely give to the player the right to zoom the camera a little but behind him in th e futur.
I tested the exit zone (in green like in Fallout in the screenShot).

Hello everyone.
Today I’m Happy.
My characters can fight with a club. No Sword in wasteland but a lot of wood :slight_smile:
I integrated my own animation catch in an asset I bought few years ago (No licence problem :wink: )
Here are some pic.

See you soon.

Hello everyone.
I’m keeping on my post apo weapons.
So for me no Fireball but molotof :wink:
Actually I can pick up the bottle and trow it in flams.
I want to add a parabolic throw.
If someone know how to do I’ll appreciate :wink:

Have a nice day.

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Hello Everyone.
I made a litlle video to show may characters behavior, weapons effects and associated animations.
Yes my little stone is maybe too much powerfull :slight_smile:
I’ll think to a dot system and the desapear of the flams according with the death’s NPC.

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