My plan, Pardner - An ol' fashion saloon

So I’m planning to make a Saloon. Apparently, this is something like Red Dead Redemption, because when I went looking for art, I found this picture and was like “Yeah, that’s it exactly” Except… Yeah, that’s already digital!.

I really loved PlayStation Home, and was googling around trying to find a place that I could reconstruct. I decided on a bar, because most of the building elements I could reuse for other buildings in the area to build up a scene.

Anyway, that’s the basic gist of the type of space that I hope to be able to create. For my items, I have:

  1. Piano
  2. Table
  3. Chair
  4. Bar
  5. Bar Mirror (Back of bar)
  6. Swinging Door
  7. Chandelier / Hanging lamp
  8. Structure: Walls / Floor / Ceiling / Windows
  9. Stairway
  10. Banister and railing
  11. Small items such as: Bottles, cards, Photos and Frames, Barrels

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