My Pirate Ship

just wanted to share my model of a pirate ship for the ahoy matey game tutorial.

and here is the rendered version in unity.

now to animate the sails ready for when the ship moves.


You’ve got me inspired!
I vision a bottle, in it this ship. Lying on a desk of an old sea captain.

Nicely done.

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thank you.

and after all the battles were done and the enemies and their ships were falling to the ocean floor, the captain wakes from his slumber mumbling “it was all a dream”


quick animation update (its so short trying to make a gif under 3mb :scream: is so hard)


a little more work done, my only problem I didn’t think about when I started the ship is “where are the cannons going to go Daniel?”

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pirate ship 2.0 NOW WITH CANNONS for all your firing needs call 0800-SHOOTDEMCANNONS now.

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How about, a nice busty lady, at the bow of the ship … ai, ai , captain.

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@FedPete I second the busty lady.

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