My Pin

Just a pin - But a question - the little thing on the right of the Pin. What is that and shouldn’t it be in the middle of the pin?

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That dot seems like a stray vertex… Can you select just that dot with vertices select? If so, try deleting it, if it doesn’t alter your pin in anyway, it means it’s just a vertex that got away from you somehow. I’ve had it happened a few times to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally I know and understand - it is the origen.

OHHH that would makes sense xP, if you want to align it back to your pin, in object mode press the keys - “Shift+Crtl+Alt+C” to open up the set origin menu, from there you have a few options of placing the origin where you’d like it. “Origin to Geometry” or “Origin to Center Mass” would be your best bet! Make sure the object you want to set the origin at is highlighted when doing so!

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