My PE: "Underdog Medieval Fantasy Adventure"

I’m not sure why considering the player experience caught me so off guard… But honestly I hadn’t really thought too much about it beyond game mechanics. I’m really glad to stop and think about it now.

My game is going to feature an underdog hero. While any hero in a satisfying RPG might be considered an underdog at the beginning because they’re weak and inexperienced, I want “underdog” to be intrinsic in my character’s personality, actions, the way others interact with him, and so on. Medieval fantasy is a palatable and relatively supportable setting for my first game. I included “adventure” because I don’t want this game to feel grim, foreboding, overly intellectual, etc. I want it to incite excitement and a sense of “tally ho!” I draw inspiration from games like Divinity: Original Sin for its sense of humor and light-heartedness.

I’m excited to continue to dig into this course and develop my ideas alongside the course’s solid content. Tally ho!

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