My pawn this year and last year in comparison and one today

The proportions I don´t like concerning the details and I have worked a litte bit on in. See last picture.


In comparison: the left one I have modeled a few months ago, the right one now at the moment. I think the topology has a little bit improved. There are artefacts in the old one. I have to keep on practicing… on a weekly basis. Last year I interrupted the course for a few months…


I started again with the pawn and made some improvements…


I have had much difficulties with the rim but now I have fixed them.

Maybe it sounds

ridiculous to spend so much times on fixing details, but I have learned al lot.


Wow! Great improvement. I see a huge difference looking at both side by side.

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Thank you, Emmanuel. I see the difference, too and my aim (for the future) is, hardsurfacemodeling on a good level.

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