My own stuff - first room

Today I’m here with some stuff that I did after 3 sections of course and some YouTube tutorials. Hope I’ll motivate some people with that to put more effort into learning blender. I really enjoyed process of doing that and I like the final effect. It took me about 6/7 hours of work.

First I did a room borders by taking 3 planes and adding solidify modifier to them. Then I made some simpler stuff like desk or monitor just by moving vertexes and adding more meshes in edit mode. Then I made those nice curvy things by making low poly models and adding subdivide modifier with smooth shading (I changed edges sharpness with loop cuts). Then I made my sofa, pretty easy thing, just some good scaled cubes with subdivide modifier and then subdividing top plane and poking faces to have a single vertex in squares. Then I beveled these vertexes and extruded it into cube and then intersect and extrude to the level of sofa (subdivide modifier made it look like buttons). Then with a help of YouTube I added some photos with UV on TV, frame, monitor and also a floor. At the end I added some lighting and adjusted render settings for cycles.
That’s the effect.

If you have any questions or tips reach me out in comments. Also sorry if I made some mistakes in my text, I tried my best with English.



I’d say you did a very fine job. It’s a well constructed room with nice furniture and other goodies.

Oh, and there’s nothing wrong with your English. :wink:


Very good effort!

Great room following that tutorial.

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