My Orc so far

Hi There.
I’ve started Learning 3D in January as my new year thing. I’ve watched all of Grants Beginner tutorials and decided to take this character course.
I went bit different route with this one but all the advice and workflow was really helpful. Enjoying this course very much. Thanks for making it Grant!
Next hands and feet! But to be honest I think ill give him some boots and gloves as I tried couple of times and its beyond my skills for now.


Impressive muscle manOrc !

I think Grant does a closed fist hand, for this reason, hands are trickier. Boots and gloves are a fine solution!

Welcome to this site.


Thank you for warm welcome.
Fists! Somehow I missed that as a solution… Cheers :slight_smile:

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I am also pretty new to this, however I would say that I think the key to getting hands with fingers in to have a hand that is blocked out really well, with the fingers blocked out as well. I think trying to sculpt the fingers out of the hand is extremely hard, but if you block it out first its not too bad. On my Ork, I opened up a second file, and specifically made a hand, and then remeshed it onto the Ork. If you are planning to put boots on your Ork I wouldn’t even bother with toes. If you are fine with what you did, don’t worry about it, just some advice for the future.

Welcome, that’s a great effort on the orc section :slight_smile:

Thanks Ben. I have now hands and feet ready. And I did it with blocking out and remeshing. Soo much simpler. Working on last bits of clothing now and will post ready dude soon. This is taking too long. Need to give up my day job :wink:

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