My Orc Result

Really enjoyed this course, have been wanting to sculpt for so long! Got myself a display tablet and bought this course.

Really struggled with the hands, which you can tell in the render, I’ll have to practice that bit!


Wow, such gruesome details. Nice colour pallet and good textures. A lot of work.
Maybe more shininess to the eyes … “twinkle”
And the walking posture is a bit off. As a half, incomplete, walk swing.
But that’s more a designers choice.
Overall a very good Orc result :+1: Nice wall paper too.

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

I checked the eyes and you are right I had my roughness set in the middle, good spot.

The pose was supposed to look like he is just about to head out to eat more humans :slight_smile: Posing definitely seems to be a skill unto itself, one tiny movement seems to change the whole look of the pose, I’ll have to practice that bit too. So much to learn

I got to a point where I was like, right I could spend another 2 days working on this, best stop and try another sculpt :slight_smile:

Thanks again


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