My opinion on Loony Lips



Well… I actually skipped part one :smiley: Mostly because i am advanced computer user so that’s whatt all i needed for that. I really know how to install software.

Second part really surprised me! I expected hello world variations and maybe showing godot icon and moving it around room like in other tutorials.

But what i got? Daaarn… Exactly that what i needed. I watched gazzilions of tutorials. All of them were like : Platformer this, dungeon that, But i needed to know how to make basic things, like working with external text files for my adventure experiments! And advanced player input :smiley: None of those tutorials showed me that %s trick :smiley:

All in all, totally great work! Now, moving on hoppy thing. (And i hope i will find some neat gui and textbox tutorial later :smiley: )