My Onion Design (Rocketier)

Onion Design For Rocketier(Game name)

Core Features:

  1. Player should be able to go from point A to point B.
  2. There will be multiple obstacles to cross.
  3. If Player bumps into an obstacle he’ll die. and respawns to starting point.

additional features:

  1. for advances obstacle we can make them movable
  2. The rocket thrust will decide the movement of the rocket
  3. For movement you can use space for prupulaiton and left right for steering.
  4. Player will be able to go to the next levels if he completes the current level. if not he’ll be back to starting point of that level.

for future:

  1. We can have a fuel indicator for rocket .
  2. Fuel canisters can be found in paths.

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