My Obstacle Course Game

Took me a month and a bit to make but here is my obstacle course game called Cheese Run.

You can download or play it on the browser via the link to the game’s itch io page. Hope you guys enjoy! :+1:


looks really good :slight_smile:


Oh my! Sir! This is awesome! Your tenacity to produce this is huge. I’m so glad to be connected to this community and see things like this. It pushes me to focus on my own obstacle course and make it worthy of an release. These things are what game studio employers want to see on a portfolio site for sure.

Can you tell us a bit about the process for making this? Did you go through the whole 3d Unity course first and then come back to focus on improving the obstacle course?

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Hi there subwave, thanks for the reply and very kind words!

I actually started using Unity a couple of years ago. I would make some landscapes and play around with different things in the software in my spare time. However, over the years, I felt a lack of confidence in completing projects due to seeing what others had made on youtube and seeing how good their programming was. I would also constantly look at youtube videos on how to do certain things without putting them into practice.

Thats why recently I wanted to change that mindset and so, for the past 2 years, when I would get the chance, I would make/publish games on to improve my game development skills. I can honestly say that even after a few years of using Unity, I’m still not the best programmer in the world :sweat_smile:, but it still didn’t stop me from trying to make games.

I took this course to see if I could get any tips on further increasing my game-making skills and also connect with the great community here on game I’m currently on the project boost section of the course so things are going great at the moment!

The best thing that I learned from making games is that you don’t have to be the best programmer, the best artist or even the most skilled game developer. If you have the determination and the passion to complete a project, no matter how skilled you are or how long it takes (in the case of this game, a little over a month :sweat_smile:), you can still hopefully make a decent game. :+1:

Hope this helps and thanks once again :+1: :grin:

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Definitely lots of good advice, thank you so much for that. “Have determination and passion to complete a project.” That speaks volumes to me, really it does. Mostly because I think as game designers or artists our imaginations can go so much faster than our limited ability to make things happen in the game engine, so there’s that level of friction where, like you said, you just have to not be tempted to start new projects all the time and really work on finishing them. Thank you! Good words.

And also the community on here has been amazing! Everyone is so supportive. And its easy to get inspired being around lots of creative people who are also kind of starting out. Its a good place to learn from each other and encourage each other. So, super thanks! Look forward to seeing what you do with the rocket boost project! :slight_smile:

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