My Number wizard intro:

void Start()
Debug.Log(“Hey all you cool cats and kittens.”);
Debug.Log(“Welcome to my game, The Mind-Reading Math Game!”);
Debug.Log(“The game is simple. All you have to do is pick a number.”);
Debug.Log(“Now not just any number!”);
Debug.Log("I need you to pick a number that is between " + min + ", and " + max + “.”);
Debug.Log("Tell me if your number is higher or lower than " + guess);
Debug.Log(“On your keyboard are the arrow keys.”);
Debug.Log("Use the up arrow to say it is higher than " + guess);
Debug.Log("Use the down arrow to say it is lower than " + guess);
Debug.Log(“Use the Enter key to say " + guess + " is correct.”);
max = max + 1;

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Clean code! :+1:

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