My Number Wizard Game


I love the Simpson’s take on this, and the humour. Your post will get more eyeballs if you include a screenshot image in it.

Enjoy the course!

Game Design is really nice!

But one thing in game-logic: Homer guesses same Numbers few times.
for example:

Homer guesses: 258
me: guess lower
Homer guesses 186
me: guess higher
Homer guesses 258 (again)

Has been reproducable with other numbers too.

But maybe you just wanted to represent “homers memory-capacity” in this game :smiley:


Thank you. I will upload some screenshots.

I am really enjoying this course of Unity

Hi Chris

Thank you for testing out my game and for the feedback on it.
I really appreciate it. I will check the code where I made the mistake with the reproducable numbers.

Haha. I never thought about Homer’s memory capacity being so low that it can actually work.:joy:


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It is a petty, the link is not live any more :frowning: , can you please re publish it? I wanted to see how Homer will treat me. The idea as ben says is quite humoures. My game on the other had is kind of over kill. have a look and let me know your opinion.

Hi there. Sorry for replying so late to your email. Unfortunately i don’t
have the game anymore. I will go and check your game out

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