My Ninja Guard (Behaviour Tree)

It took a while, just under 4 hours, to work out how to tie this all together. This is a Model I purchased from the Market place, but it didn’t come with the Animation BP/“blend space” animations or a character movement actions etc… I working it out by playing around and comparing to the Third Person Character… Then we get to this lesson and you change to the Hero character, which is parented by the ‘Character’ object, I have to admit my first thoughts were… “I want to slap Ben!!!” :wink:

I have the minimum working with my “Ninja” at the moment. Walk, Jog and Jump/fall are now wired up, alas there is no ‘crouch’ or ‘throw’ animations so I know when we get into Guns etc I will have to jerry rig my toon but it will be something to work on once the course progresses…

I tried to keep the quality but make the file as small enough to upload.

Really Really enjoying the courses so far, thank you.

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Love it!

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