My Next 30 Days Commitment

Hi everyone,
I’m a player of HearthStone and, at the beginning of this course, I was planning to reduce my playtime.
But since it’s a too vague objective, I will uninstall it and I swear I won’t reinstall it in the next 30 days.



This is really the best to do! Personally, I deleted my Facebook account because I was wasting too much time and energy on this platform. I now do my social in here and I have more time for courses. Keep up in this way!

It’s really inspiring to see people committing to goals and dedicating themselves to self-improvement. Gamedev was a huge self-development kick for me, and I’ll always be grateful.

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half way through, have you managed to stick to this so far?

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Yep, I’m still keeping my word.
Though I had to put aside my projects because of personal issues and despite the multiple temptation when I was tired, making this public commitment has made me resolution on this point solid.


well done! that’s great! :slight_smile: