My Mosque Construcion Progress

Here’s my progress so far … and there’s still a long way to go …


Beautiful work mate!

Why don’t you give a quick texture and join us at the Castle Challenge? There is still 3 days to enter i think.

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wow @wadhah, that is absolutely amazing… love it! Any chance of wiring it up via SketchFab so that we can explore around it? You may have already seen the #blender:showcase sub-forum, but if not there’s some details there about uploading it and what to do etc…

Again, looks amazing! :slight_smile:

This is amazing! well done!!

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Great work!

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I am definitely wowed by this model. I hope you post a copy after it is textured.

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That should of said post a texture render/picture of your model. Sorry, too many late nights! :slight_smile:

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