My monstrosity, I basically tested out every brush

Who knows what it is, I just when crazy with the brushes with no plan or direction, just to like get a feel for them, I have been in the sculpting section before, once when I did the donut tutorial and once when I did my castle at the very start of the course, I did some mountains in the background ( mostly just blobs). something weird happened when sculpting this, the eyes vanished, they was still in the outliner but they was no where to be found. not hidden just gone, I clicked them in the outliner and tried doing the go to frame selected, but nothing happened, so I just deleted it from the outliner and shoved a couple of uv spheres in the sockets. I will probably add some colour to this tomorrow just for fun, then I might try and make something real, maybe use my tablet that might give me some more pin point control.


Great weird creature!

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