My model with materials


Very Beautiful

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Thanks @Samarth_Goel :slight_smile:

Nice :+1:t3:

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OK, if you’ve heard swearing for about the last 4 hours… that’d me me (sorry) ok I found this sooooo hard, I love unity, i hate blender. Why? Nothing about blender seems natural to me, NOTHING… I also have less than zero ability to draw I mean, dead things draw better than I do…


I need to say, the roof caused the most of the swearing, althoguh the rotation did a bit in general… finding myself stuck in modes/keys/things that wouldnt go away, not being able to make the flipping tiles level after rotating, not being able to just type this… trying to find a view to rotate that… as I say, there isnt a thing about blender that is intuative…

But, here, here is my well (yes of course I made my life hard) in side the new unity RPG sandbox! it was only a hair out of scale (had to make it all scale 1.1) so my men could get to the well… also unity decided that all materials were about 10% transparent, as well as did some funky stuff with the tiles and as you moved they flipped under the slats and so on when in fact they were a noticable hover away in blender…

as a unity person Im also used to Y being UP… grr

PS other than some glass pipes which I followed some youtube tutorial blindly, this possibly is the one and only thing I have made in blender.


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