My MMA Orcs with clothing almost time for retopology


The outfits have details sculpted onto them but aren’t going to really show until texture painted later. I also want to give her some hair, but need to look that up.

Should I do the hair before retopology? Or wait until UV mapped and use the hair particle system?


I am thinking about adding something more to this guy before moving on. The same thing holds, there is detail sculpted onto the belt that won’t show very well until texture painted. Same with the boots.


First, there are many solutions to do hair.
It also depends on your MMA orc use ( Just posing, animation … )
Hair and body (head) can be different objects and therefore modeled (retopo) independently.

As a different object, you can connect the hair object to the headbone to follow the body movement. In this way it gives you more flexibility in hair design.

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So I guess my real question was, should I sculpt the hair, or should I use the hair particle system?

I also plan to practice animation a bit with the female one which is the one I wish to give hair. So rigging will need to be done so yeah the headbone, I’ve done this once modifying a model for VRChat before so hopefully it’s a similar procedure.

I want to move her into Unreal Engine later too if possible.

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Remember to use compatible solutions between Blender and a game engine.
I think particles (as in hair) is not one of them.
Use hair-cards or hair from curves (meshes).


Thank you! That’s what I wanted to know. I’ll most likely look at the curves option. Will be tackling this on Monday. :fist:


So using curves I was able to do these two simple hairs.

Short Hair

Tight Pony Tail

Do I need to convert the hair styles into meshes before moving on? Right now they are just a bunch of paths with bevel set to a circle.

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Yes, I think so. Exporting works mostly on models with objects converted to mesh. In combination with bones (in the hair).

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Roger, thanks for your help as always! :love_you_gesture:

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