My Mech

I’ve gone partway through several courses. Had to take a short break from blender. I am restarting this one from the beginning to reinforce what I learned previously and remember those few tricks I have forgotten.

Here is a link to my Git repo for this section of the course. Each part of this section will be added to this repo:


Yes, it can be difficult to keep up with blender and courses on a regular basis.
It took more then a year to finish the big one (Blender complete).


I had to walk away from the sculpting as I just didn’t have the feel for it. I am hoping to do better this time. I did purchase the all courses for lifetime package when it was on sale. I’ve complete about 70% of the Git course so I also practicing version control with this as well.


I do sculpt, but I also do use block modeling a lot.
Meaning adding loop cuts and modeling the vertices,
Same effect, much easier (not always).

use the tools you comfortable with. Build experience up.
The hard work is for later.