My Mech

Here is my Mech completed and textured. all that’s left is to do the camera rotation. was a fun project to build. I didn’t follow the course that much because once I started modeling I kinda just got carried away for hours at a time then would come back and watch the video lol. That’s what I’m loving most about blender is just starting something you have an idea for and next thing you know its 8hrs later and 2am lol

I have some texture mapping issues but will come back and fix them when i learn more detailed unwrapping techniques. overall i am pretty happy with the result


It is very nice. So easy to loose large numbers of hours tinkering with a project!


Thank you :smiley: and ya it was very easy to loose myself in this lol.

Good work!

That is an awesome looking mech :smiley:

Smiles I almost lost myself while working on mine too, well don’t, I love the outcome