My Mech Robot render

Hello there :smiley:
So this is my take on the mech robot from Grant’s character course. I really enjoyed making it and playing around with it. I generally kept Grant’s base idea for inspiration for the robot and kept adding my own idea’s as the came to me :slight_smile:
The scene i changed many times, just didnt seem right alot of the times. Found a cool video on a space scene and made it and yea this is what came out of it :slight_smile:
Also did a short animation of the camera rotating just can’t upload it here.
Anyways i enjoyed making it and will for sure be make more hard surface models in the future.
But now i will dive deeper into Grants character course!


If your animation is short enough, you can convert it to a gif and post that here. If you upload a video to youtube, you can also link to that. You have options! =)

Try this:


Upload it to YouTube and add the link here.

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