My mech (Inspired by a Gundam, sorta)

I’m really happy with how it came out. I spent about a day on this section, really tried to challenge myself. (Tried to make a ninja-style mech, then I wanted gun-blades, it all started with the shoulders and shins lol)


That’s really cool!

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Oh wow, really cool design and interesting pose!

For even better presentation I would adjust lights a bit more. His right “shoulder” is a bit dark and his left shoulder and upper arm are blending too much with the background.


I tried my best to fix the lighting :sweat_smile:


It is more clear now, but sadly not perfect. Now I would say it’s too bright. What I would start with from the first picture is to put some light (maybe a blue, soft area light with a small value) behind the model to have a better highlight of silhouette and add another soft one just in front and on the left (our left when looking at him) of his right shoulder. Don’t know what color I would use for the other light. But maybe similar one (or complementary one) to the floor color could work.

Lighting is hard in general, but one gets better with practice. When I’m in trouble in lighting the scene I simply use 3-point lighting and play around with strengths and colors. Blender Guru has a few-part tutorial series on it. I would also advise learning (at least basics) of color theory as lighting + color theory come hand in hand IMO.


Yeah, I’ll look into color theory. I’ve just been winging it on that :sweat_smile:
Same for lighting.

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Great stuff