My Mayan Pyramid, Please give some feedback!


Very nice desert scene pyramid. Nicely done sand.

Welcome to to this site.


Thanks :relaxed:!

Nice pyriamad

Did you make the stars on a backdrop or import an image

thanks :relaxed:

I made the star :blush:, with a low poly UV sphere

Nice, thank you. I really liked the stars in the background.

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Welcome, that’s a cool looking Mayan pyramid!

Love the different colour sandy shades for the bricks/block stones. Also nice touch to create the dunes.

Thanks😊. Have a try with low poly sphere, around 5 rings, then tweak the vertices.

Thank you :rose:

Thanks! I found this texture by accident. Otherwise I know nothing about texture😅

i love the style around the sand, great feeling :smiley:

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Looks fantastic :slight_smile:

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Thanks, you are so kind, your comment always make me motivated.

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