My low poly house


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The house is amazing, has lots of details and incredible lighting, as for the scene as a whole, the color is amazing, wonderful job!

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thank you, I did go to school for Game Art but became a .net application programmer instead. I learned 3d Studio Max, but the cost was too much to keep current. It has been 13 years since I have done any 3D work. I forgot how much I love it. There is a small learning curve to Blender, but I think I am getting the hang of it. Blender has come a long way. Thanks again for the comment.


It is nice to get back into something that you love, I do unity myself but I have seen how far blender has come , wish you the best with your gamedev journey.

Also the amount of time you’ve spent away from 3D work is basically how old I am lol, glad your getting back into it!

Yes, it is. Well if you need any C# help in your unity projects let me know. I have been programming C# since 2002. We won’t talk about how old I am but I have a son who worked on Fortnight if that gives you a ballpark figure. Nice to meet you.

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Nice to meet you as well, I actually turn 15 tomorrow, I have coded since I was 8, but when your that age it’s hard to pay attention to these things, I have only programmed at a good pace for a year, I’ll let you know if I have issues, nice to meet you too!

well happy birthday a day early.

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Thank you!

Welcome to this site.
Take some time to look around and take part, support, and encourage other students.

Great result.
You will soon be used to Blender after a Max past experience, it is only finding things.

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