My log is on vacation overseas :P

My log tells me that I’ve possessed “쑰釪翾” when the actual ID name is “Tank_Blueprint_C_0”. I tried running it through Google Translate, but I didn’t get anything.

Edit: I should clarify that the actual problem was that I wasn’t using GetName(). This was the string that weirdly came from that.

That’s weird. The first bit is korean: 쑰. I have no idea how to read Hangul, so no clue what this means.
The next two are Chinese characters (these are also used in Japanese and sometimes in Korean)
釪: huá : an alms bowl; a small bell
翾: xuān : flirtatious; short flight

Seeing as how the output mixes two languages and the Chinese part doesn’t make any sense, it’s probably a problem with character encoding. I haven’t started the Unreal course yet, so I don’t know how this would happen. If there’s an option or a dropdown menu that says something like UTF-8, UTF-16, ASCII or any other character table, that’s probably the likely culprit.

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