My Little Work In Progress

I am following the course for my game very loosly but am happy with what I have so far. I am making a harvest moon/stardew valley like rpg and this shows off a lot of the basic core components working. These courses have taught me how to do so much that I can run out on my own already! The observer pattern has cleaned up so much of my code complexity it is crazy.


Would love to see an update, I miss the old harvest moon games!

Hi Addikins! Thanks for being the first person to show interest!!! I sadly don’t have an update that is really visible.

I ran into a big issue with all my stuff when I was implementing the save files. I basically had to go back and rewrite everything to be data driven and have that data be serializable/deserializable. That work is all done and everything I currently have is fully savable to json, which also happens to make it really easy to test stuff cause I can just update the json to whatever state I want and try stuff.

I had a grand idea of having the whole town on one terrain so you could wander around the whole town and see villagers wander at the same time but when I got my ~50 characters I have planned for the town all doing their thing I got a lot of performance problems. So I then had to write a better scene manager to handle characters moving from one area to another with proper loading of their position/destinations in correlation to the time.

My next big project is to revamp the dialog system I originally built cause it didn’t handle things like heart events, gifts, heart level differences in dialogue, location based dialogue and such. Which again isn’t something with much to show in video form. Video updates will probably come more often when I get started on the blender course and start adding actually visual updates and more story pieces in.

Just a little update here. I took a 6 month or so hiatus from working this while I waited for Blender 2.8 to come out. I am back at it and have rewrote much of it from scratch with all the new stuff I have learned. So much more is working in a way that is scalable to the number of moving npcs I want in the game. Much of the core coding is complete as of now and I have a lot of work to do to create my 3d models, world, animations, sounds and music. Lots of fun awaits me now as I get to use the tools I have built to move the story from words to game!

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