My Level1 Impressions and Questions

Hello everyone !!
This is how i tuned my first level , i have some concers about the behaviour of my ship when it’s colliding with some obstacles though . ( bouncing , and rotating in frozen axis’) .
As you can see in the video i purposedly ram on some obstacles to demonstrate the reaction when i do so .
Any ideas on what’s causing this and how i could change it would be truely appreciated .
Thank you :slight_smile: !

Hi Nektarios, I also have the same issues when my rocket collides with a surface. I think the physics engine takes over and supersedes the rotation constraints I set on the rocket. If I don’t have death on collision turned on, the rocket will spiral in various ways.

Once you get to the part of the course when you add death on collision, this shouldn’t be a problem for most of the function in the game.

It is still a problem for me when the rocket comes into contact with a “friendly” object. I would like to know how to limit the physics engine from applying spin to my rocket in these cases. -Matt

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