My Lazer Defender

Added increasing difficulty and boss fight. I challenge anyone to reach level 30!

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…needs a WebGL version :slight_smile:

Thank you Rob for reminding me.

But apparently upgrading to Unity 5 screwed up my scripts so I’ll have to stick to my Unity 7 Web Player :frowning:

Not bad, good job!, I like all the random movements and enemy missile speed ( will add this too, currently about 60% done on this game )

Nice one overall - looks neat and I like the vertical screen decision.
I got to the 13th or 14th level I guess - couldn’t see it once I died. (a short delay would be handy). But I got over the first boss anyway.
I have increasing difficulty in my version too. I just need a few more days to complete it and release it! :slight_smile:

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