My Laser Defender

I finally finished my Laser Defender Game. I decided to stop tweaking to be able to advance with the course. My wife and I started to chase Highscores instead of doing other things… so, a good beginning.
Enjoy the game.


Dude your game is awesome! I love the animation and shield system! Maybe add something in the description though about how it works since it took me a bit to figure it out xD

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Thank you. I added the note about the shield mechanic to the description.
Basically, you have a shield that will start to refresh when you are not hit for a little time. If you lose all of the shields, it needs to get to 100% to give any benefit again.

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Wow, that was great! Love the start menu, and also the shield mechanic is on point!!! The effects were very well done!


Great stuff - shield mechanic is great. Think I’ve found a loophole to get the top score - fly to the top middle and keep firing - most ships won’t reach you and shield regenerates if you crash - slow approach but could be exploited. Still, smooth gameplay, well done!


Really great design, nice effects; I love shield mechanics and health display bar!
Very challenging but not too hard :slight_smile:
Great work!


Your game feels super polished! Nicely done! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all your nice comments. :star_struck:

I just uploaded a new version.

  • @Ant I fixed the issue. The collision for enemy ships was turned off due to a bug.
  • The shield is now visible around the ship when it’s active (also has a little bigger collision area than the ship)
  • Added a bunch of sounds, VFX, and animations to “juice it up” (I really recommend the recording of the talk about juicing up your game.

Also… post your Highscores :slight_smile: … my wife holds our internal Highscore on the current version with 486,500 points.


Very nice one!

Hehe, Im impressed! Very nice, well done! :drooling_face:

I’ve only got 75k. I want the cheat codes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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