My Laser Defender w/ Pickups

Hi! First and foremost I want to take the time to thank the instructors for this amazing and elaborate course! It was interactive with the challenges that made me feel good about myself when I was successful in doing it by myself (although those were rare occasions :see_no_evil:). I got kind of lost during the Quiz Master section (:exploding_head:) but still managed it by doing some research).

I tried implementing some of the mechanics we saw in previous lessons, although everything seems to work, I couldn’t manage to get the player to keep firing (activating the coroutine) when picking up the first box → I set both bools (isFiring and useAI) to true, thinking this would do the trick.

I must be overlooking something but couldn’t figure out what :confused:

To see it in action! :flying_saucer:

Once again, thank you GameDev!

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