My Laser Defender Game

This is nothing compared to what others have done here but I was happy to finish this section of the course and make a few personal changes.

I added a set of 6 different upgrades that can be dropped from enemies and combined that affect your bullet & spread pattern. (Obviously I mucked with the drop rate for this gif lol)

Additionally I added some UI elements for lives which can show up to 10 before display numbers, and a power up display. Honestly the hardest thing to me was getting the UI to stay consistent across different resolutions, making sure layout elements controlled child element placement/sizing correctly, etc.

Not shown in the linked gif, but I introduced multiple waypoint path node types:
A gate node: the first enemy to go through this node starts going down a set of child waypoints allowing for branching. Later enemies skip the gate children waypoints.
A base node: enemies travel to the farthest “base”, then stay there until all the bases are loaded, after which the enemies continue along their path.

While I don’t think I’ll flesh out my game it was a great learning experience!

Great course, thanks for making it!


Congratulations on your game :partying_face:

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really nice!