My landscape practice

I’ve been working on this landscape few days now. Every day a bit. I’m having fun with this and learning a lot. Trying to improve the skills I learned. I enjoy the Low Poly style but I need your opinion guys.

If there is any suggestion or advice please let me know.
This is too much.

Thanks a lot. Have a wonderful day.


This looks so cool! Definitely better, now you got all the bare ground broken up by littered rocks and whatnot.

Very nice!


I love the idea of low-poly environments, so this immediately stood out to me. On top of that, you were very smart with the colors you chose, making this a beautiful, vivid and fun scene to look at. If you know how to code, id try turning this into a game of some sort(a small one, just to further bring the environment to life), the environment really fits an adventure game in my eyes. Awesome work!


Thank you. Still I want to include some grass in there too. But that comes a bit later on.


Thank you. I don’t know how to code yet unfortunately. However, I will definitely look into coding down the future. For now I’m just into the modeling part. But definitely got some ideas for smaller games.


Sounds great, looks like you have the modeling part down, can’t wait to see what you build in the future!


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