My Lamps

A Lamp for the Lesson

Well, it’s not the lamp I want to create but, it is what the lecture called for.

The Lamp I Want
Now this is the lamp I actually want to create. It follows a design that I remember my father making back when I was a kid and I feel it would be right to remember him by doing this.

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The Journey Continues

Things got messy and blender started behaving with a mind of it’s own… not a good thing to have happen when you’re reading the “Post-Human” book series… so, a new base for the course

Lecture 101 Challenge complete

Lecture 103 Challenge complete

Lecture 104 Challenge complete

Lecture 105 Challenge complete

Lecture 106 Challenge complete

yep, I got tired of it looking like something from the 1850s

OK, this wasn’t fun but, it’s rigged. I’m definately hoping I don’t have to re-rig this one.

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