My lamp: "Lamphage" final work

Hi, guys, this is my animation, I made it with a bacteriophage in mind, atacking the bacteria-like mouse. Hope you like it, and feel free to tell me your opinion.


It’s was a big surprise. Saw the video, didn’t read.
A bit creepy, but a nice project. Lot’s of techniques.
Lamp color turning to alarm, when seeing the mouse.
Good job!

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Thanks! :grin:

Agreeing with Pete: a bit creepy but looking fantastic.
I see that you implemented a color change in your video, and it progresses so smoothly. Incedentally I just posted a question about this: how did you do it? (If it’s on the 2.8 course instructions then never mind. I haven’t gone through this new section yet. :slightly_smiling_face: )

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Nearly everything can be animated in Blender, Just work in animation mode, select a frame. Go to the color node, click color. AND press ’ i ’ to insert key frame with that color on that moment. A marker (Yellow / green) will be shown.
Select new frame, go to color, change it, press ’ i '. (this is the quick and dirty way, more options available and will be handled in this course.)
You can do that for every property in Blender.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I found a similar (and surely not the best) way to do it, I added a “mix RGB” node, where i had two inputs, one red and one blue and the thing i set with the insert key frame was the factor between 0 and 1 to change from full blue to full red. I tried with FedPete approach but I dont know why I couldn’t set it.

Well, if it works, then it must be fine. :slight_smile: And you went directly from one color to the other with your method, I see. It’s always good to hear what different solution people come up with. Thanks.

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