My knight and pieces

I have a habbit of removing unecesary geometry as soon as I make it so I don’t forget. So my horse became a little bit flat, but at the end I wanted to add an eye and couldn’t use the inset tool becasue I don’t have any geometry on the sides. Long story short, I would try doing it again, I would have gone a little bit different, but I did get the shape I wanted. My dad has a chess board and pieces and the knight looks very similar to what I made.


Why get rid of geometry? It does not look like you were aiming for very low poly.
You might be able to add some back in where it is needed?

Nice knight, with its ears together in the middle of it’s head. Any closer and it is the horn of a Unicorn! :unicorn:

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Do you think they’re too close to each other?

Because Michael keeps saying geometry is bad. I don’t know, I only had 2 vertices in the middle. I might redo it. At least now I know what to expect


The ears? Yes much too close. Just google horse ears.

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Michael is partly right because he knew where the object mesh is going too.
You didn’t and remove probably the mesh info (vertices) you need in the next lessons …

If you do destructive things, like clean up your mesh. Then make a new version update. In case you made a mistake and need a previous version. Version control is a good habit!

But it is also not a big issue to add new geometry to your mesh!
You simply add an edge loop …
Or use the knife tool …

There is no wrong in Blender … try to solve problems with what you have been learned.
There are no recipies on how to create a knight … it’s just working with vertices, edges and faces …

Have fun, keep us up to date!

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Good advice, it’s something I should have done. The knight made me realise what to avoid doing and I think this is the whole purpose of this lecture. I’m 99% happy with the result, it’s how I inteded to design it, but I was mentioning it in case others don’t run into this issue at this point.

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You are right, nowadays you can get a lot more acurate with small objects. But as I said, I was having a knight piece in my head similar to a knight piece my dad used to have in an old handmade wooden chess set. If you can find one the knight has it’s ears glued to each in order to avoid the wood from breaking. That was my intention, then I decided to spread them a little. If I were to redo it I would definately aproach it a little different. Also, I created it before watching how Michael approached it, which in this case would have helped a little.


Fun looking pieces

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