My Journey

Somewhere around Q4 2022 I stumbled across this platform. In a time where i kinda knew after multiple tries that the traditional school system just doesn’t work for me. And the un-schooled labor i had acces to so far just felt bad.

Going along with the starter Unity course you guys thought me that programming fits my mixed love for logic and creativity perfect, much more so then my previous study attempts like engineering physics and social worker (tried more that didn’t lasted the year but that was the range and serious attempts). And I kind of knew that this was my direction but being 26 at the time it’s kinda rough to try and start over again. Sadly that did meant for me to stop learning game dev for a bit and teach myself some more program basics knowing that the game dev field itself was more something i wanted as a hobby and not a full time starter job. suprisingly that worked out pretty well. I got accepted into a traineeship and am working for 6 months now as a All-Round software developer trainee at a very small company where i am growing every day. Already knowing I will get a junior contract later this year when this one is over.

Being settled there and able to organise my own work hours i’ve managed to start game dev again a hour in the morning before i go to work. Finally begun on the RPG course i had still laying around and it feels great to be back, hopefully i will keep going at it and even tho the progress a day will be slow hope to get something to show at a deadline November i set myself.

All of this was kinda a snowball effect because of what you guys do here, showing me that in fact I can program and have fun with this. and I guess in the end I just wanted to thank the Team here for that :smiley:

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